Find An Available Investment That Earns Money

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Finding an available investment that pays, is it possible?

Many savers view availability as the most important criterion. However, all investments announced as available do not always allow withdrawal without diminishing returns. Therefore, when making a choice, the saver should be careful to find the right balance.

Regulated booklets: availability advantage


Perhaps less profitable than some other formulas, regulated booklets are for them to be the most available investments if they are not the most profitable. Revised as of August 1, 2011, they protect your capital from inflation safely.


Booklet A with a deposit limit of € 15,300 now earns 2.25% net of tax. This is not so bad considering the economic situation and the current inflation rate. The sustainable development booklet allows, for its part, to complete up to € 6,000 under the same conditions.

Remember that 12-25 year olds enjoy a rate generally higher thanks to the young booklet. Indeed, most banks offer a much higher yield booklet A which is the minimum. The prize goes to Monabanq which proposes a net rate of 4% (conditions known in August 2011).

The term account: profitability advantage

The term account: profitability advantage

Less known than the other available investments, the term account is a formula that allows you to securely invest a fixed term capital at the outset. This is a term deposit that can vary from a month to a few years. You choose initially between a fixed rate and a progressive rate.

The interest is taxable either by levy of 19% and social security of 12.3% or by declaring yourself the capital gain on your tax return. To calculate the net return of your investment, make a savings simulation with our calcultette and deduct 31.3% of the interest amount.

Our advice : some term accounts include penalties for early withdrawal. Ask your banker before you start.

Life insurance: to avoid

 Life insurance: to avoid

Formerly a real tax haven, life insurance no longer enjoys the same favors from the public authorities.

So, if you are looking for an available investment that pays, these contracts will not be suitable.

Indeed, in case of early withdrawal before eight years, the levy is particularly high.

Count 35% before 4 years and 15% between 4 and 8 years to which must be added 12.3% of social security contributions.

This is 47.3% of your interest that will go to the state if you make a redemption in the first four years.


The stock market is not an available investment

The stock market is not an available investment

Everything is said in the title. We do not consider that investing in the stock markets can be considered an available investment. The stock market certainly yields, but over the medium and long term.

But whether you decide to invest directly in a portfolio title, whether you make the choice of collective investments (SICAV, FCP) or a PEA, you will never be certain that the case will be profitable. On the other hand, if you need cash, you are not insured that when you make the withdrawal, your shares will be at the highest.

Our advice : pay attention to subscription fees. Some insurance companies or wealth management firms charge exorbitant fees of up to 5% of your payments. Privilege contracts with less than 2% installment fees.

Our conclusion

There are investment formulas that are both available and profitable, but comparisons will have to be made on net income and taxes. The choice must therefore take into account the current taxation and fees levied by the intermediary.

On the other hand, systematically ask what the consequences are in case of withdrawal, because if the bank booklets offer total liquidity, it is not the same with other investments.