Immediate Temporary Auto Insurance, From 1 Day To 3 Months

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What is a temporary contract?

This is a special contract that insures your vehicle for a short period. It can not be terminated and simply stops at the scheduled time. The choice of the duration is variable and can go from one day to several months.

You can not convert your term auto insurance into a definitive contract or even extend it. However, it is possible to take out a new contract if the need arises.


Who is a temporary auto contract


Many situations may lead you to prefer a temporary insurance contract for your car. Here are the most frequently encountered situations.

  • You want to lend your car to a friend for a few days and your current contract does not cover an occasional driver.
  • Conversely, you borrow a vehicle from a friend or relative for a short time.
  • You want to reduce the cost by ensuring only a few months in the year. This is often the case for motorcycles that are not insured during the winter months.
  • You bought your car abroad, for example via a proxy and you have to repatriate it.

Good to know You do not need to make sure you plan to rent a car.



Be aware that most companies offer temporary third-party auto insurance policies with Civil Liability and Defense and Recourse insurance. They cover the damage and corporeal damage caused to a third party as well as the repair of the damages suffered by the vehicle.


What cost?

What cost?

The price depends mainly on three criteria:

  1. Your bonus / penalty rate
  2. The chosen duration
  3. The tax power of the vehicle

Count from 30 € for a day to 250 € for three months. Note that fares are much more important for motorcycles since it will take from 100 € for one day and up to 600 € for three months.

Our advices

Calculate the duration of the temporary auto insurance contract that you need and do not go beyond. Ask for the amount of the deductible and compare the level of the different guarantees offered.

Warning Many companies only accept policyholders who have more than two years of license. Others refuse the bad guys.

Good to know If your contract exceeds three days, the guarantees are valid for the foreign country.

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