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It may not be everyday amounts borrowing 650 euros, borrowing 700 euros, borrowing 750 euros, but there is a lot of demand for these types of small amounts. Anyway, borrowing a small amount in a short time has become very popular. Transferred from the United States now also includes the advance on your salary or the mini loan.

With this system, you can borrow a relatively small amount to bridge your finances until your salary is paid again. Where can you apply for this mini loan and how does it work exactly? Read on and it will all be explained.

Internet loan lenders: get help today 

You may still be in doubt as to what amount you want to apply for. As it looks now, I only need 700 euros, but you are not sure yet. A good time to think about it again and to familiarize yourself with the possibilities. Once you have requested a no-obligation quote, you will have to stick to that amount or submit a new application a little later with a different amount this time.

In this modern age, you obviously don’t waste a lot of time applying for a payday advance online for bad credit, always busy and in a hurry, you don’t feel like difficult contracts, phone calls, and all kinds of hassle. This is very simple, you head to GAD site and fill in the online application for an online loan in less than 5 minutes, you send the documents that are requested (by e-mail) and that is actually it.

The lender will then review your application and upon approval, this will be transferred to your account the same day and you can immediately withdraw your debit card.

Which documents should I send

This part is also done in no time. If you have a scanner at home or at work, you can scan in the requested papers. If you don’t have this, don’t worry, you just take sharp, clear photos with your mobile phone.

Then you send this and the whole thing is cleared. The minimum papers that you must send are valid proof of identity, a recent bank statement, and possibly a payslip. Often you can already go with a bank statement with your salary payment, then a payslip would not be necessary. You see, these are things that you can do in no time.

Borrow money without a credit

It is also often stated that people with a BKR registration can no longer go anywhere for a loan or whatever. This is not entirely true, because with an advance on your salary or a mini loan you can borrow money without a credit assessment. This assessment is not carried out, so how you are known there is not important in this case.

But I want to borrow a larger amount

If your need for money is greater than the stated amounts of 650, 700 and 750 euros, then you must look at another form of credit. With a mini loan, you only borrow small amounts. So if you need more, say from 2500 euros then you can look for a regular credit such as a personal loan or a revolving credit. You can also request these online in a fairly simple way. You will find a page on this website that gives an overview of the most common loans.