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UnoBank is a Rio startup that operates in the ” fintech loan ” segment, has partnered with a number of financial institutions. Its main objective is to unite finance and technology in practical solutions and with much less bureaucracy than a bank. Their financial products are simple and uncomplicated and the entire process is carried out 100% online.

Those who need quick cash and do not want to go through the embarrassment of going to different banks and hearing a different “no” in each place, can rely on UnoBank , which offers an efficient financial products hub and really facilitates the lives of those who are in search of financial solutions. We’re talking about an all-digital platform, customer-focused, no queuing, no hassle, and no thousands of questions.

There are three products of UnoBank : personal loan, immovable loan and car loan. Each type of loan has its peculiarities and characteristics, differing in the minimum and maximum amount that can be obtained, in interest and in the term of payment. So that you can better understand how each loan works, follow the next topics in more detail.


Personal Unobank Loan Types

Personal Unobank Loan Types

Personal Loan – UnoBank personal loan is the ideal solution for anyone who needs quick cash. The values ​​can vary from R $ 500.00 to R $ 3,500.00 and the installment can be done in 3, 6, 9 or 12 times. With no gimmicks or small footnotes, the UnoBank personal loan is one of the most transparent on the market. One of the biggest advantages is that after submitting your loan proposal, the result comes out in a few minutes!

Loan with immovable collateral – This is the best loan option for all people who own a property and need low interest credit and large repayment terms. In this modality, the person applying for the loan offers his property (home, apartment, shop or land, for example) as collateral to obtain the loan.

Loan with car guarantee – Similar to the previous modality, this time, the person applying for loan can offer your car as collateral. The same must be in his name and totally removed. Vehicles with up to 10 years of manufacturing are accepted.

How does each type of loan work on the Unobank website?

The time has come for you to understand in more detail how each type of UnoBank loan works . Let’s check it out?

Unobank Personal Loan

As we have said, UnoBank personal loans can range from $ 500 to $ 3,500. It is possible to do a simulation by the company’s website online.

It is simple: choose the value of your loan and the installment that fits in your pocket. Then click “Request Proposal”. Your simulation will be saved and, on the next screen, you will need to create an account with UnoBank or log in with Facebook to get more information about the loan.

Unsecured loan with Unobank


Also known as Home Equity, the loan with property guarantee of UnoBank has a minimum value of R $ 30,000.00 and a maximum value of R $ 2,000,000.00. The requested credit may correspond to a maximum of 60% of the value of the property.

The minimum rate for this type of loan is 1.45% and the payment term reaches 180 months.

To make the simulation online, simply inform the estimated market value of your property, the value of the loan, the family income and the term of payment.

Unobank Car Loan

While in the secured loan it is possible to request a loan that corresponds to up to 60% of the value of the property, in the loan with car warranty this value can reach 90% of the vehicle. However, the minimum and maximum values ​​are smaller: R $ 2,000.00 and R $ 100,000.00.

The minimum rate for this type of loan is 2.10% and the payment term reaches 48 months. The simulation can be done on the online site. Please state the estimated market value of your car, loan amount, family income and the term of payment.

At Unobank Can Refunds Borrow?

At Unobank Can Refunds Borrow?

Various information is taken into account in the credit assessment. In personal loan, credit restrictions can end up weighing, but not necessarily end up holding back approval. In other modalities, as there is an asset guaranteeing the payment of debt, credit restrictions will be practically irrelevant.

Credit documentation and analysis

UnoBank does not openly disclose what documents it takes to apply for credit. In the modalities that have a property as collateral (property or car), it may be necessary to present a larger number of documents related to these assets.

UnoBank partner institutions are responsible for credit analysis, but in general, customer information queries are conducted at major credit protection institutions to assess risks and validate information provided.

The term for credit analysis varies according to the type of loan requested. In the case of personal loans, the analysis is done in real time, that is, the result comes out on time. For other types of loans, the term is longer, as the partner institutions of UnoBank will need to evaluate more complex documentation.